Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Louie's gift

Today wasn't my best day. I'm fighting some sort of cough, sinus, sleepless, tiring...head cold. A quieter person by wiring, today requests sounded like demands and talking sounded like shouting...I'm looking forward to a healthier moment in the near future.

So tonight, Louie and I began our cuddle-time ritual. He chooses a book while I prepare his milk. I tuck him in, read the book in high drama, and we pray together. Then we're supposed to "close eyes an sleep!"

Louie, however, missed his normal cue. Instead he got up and pulled up a big blanket. Struggling to get it open he explained, "Mommy sicky. I tuck you," then he patiently wrestled with the thick quilt to get all the corners smoothed around his coughing Mommy.

As he took the top of the blanket and pulled it up over my neck, he concluded, "it's cold and the dogs are going poop."

I was laughing internally, crying externally. Not sure how it's all related but I heard one message clearly: I am loved.

(and I'm grateful the dogs are outside...)

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Blogger abshier said...

I really liked this particularly! Our kids are so Good at showing Love aren't they. Thanks for sharing!

December 23, 2009 at 7:21 AM  

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